Frequently asked questions

Here you will find answers to questions about ordering medicines and prescriptions at Chemist Warehouse. If you have a question that has not been answered, please feel free to contact us.


If I opt to get my prescription medicine delivered, how long will it take?

The easiest and quickest way to order your prescription medicine is using an eScript. Our pharmacists will receive this instantly and will be able to dispense your order within 1 business day.

For paper prescriptions sent via mail, please allow enough time for this to reach us. Our pharmacists will only be able to dispense your order they have received your prescription.

Once your order has been dispensed and shipped, delivery times can be found here.

Is there a minimum spend required to qualify for free shipping on prescription items?

There is no minimum spend required to receive free shipping on your prescription item(s). All orders within Australia containing 1 or more prescription items will be eligible for free Regular Post.

If your order is eligible, free Regular Post will be shown to you as an option at checkout.

Are there any exclusions to the free shipping offer?

Free Regular Post only applies to items fulfilled by Chemist Warehouse. If you have any Marketplace items in your cart, these will be excluded from the offer. You may be charged additional shipping costs for these items; these costs will be shown to you at checkout.

What happens to my order if there’s an issue with my prescription?

Until we receive a valid script, no other items in your order will be fulfilled or dispatched. Your entire order may be cancelled if:

  • Your paper script is not received via post within 30 days of the order date.
  • Your paper or eScript is invalid and prescribes a different medicine to the item ordered.
  • Your prescription item requires pharmacist advice, but we do not hear from you within 10 days of the order date.

We may also cancel any orders we deem to be fraudulent or not placed in good faith.

Why do some prescription medicines have four different prices?

Medicines which are subsidised by the Government under the Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme (PBS) are charged at different prices depending on the type of benefit card you may have. Learn more about PBS pricing here.

Please note: additional charges may apply over and above if you elect to receive a more expensive brand.

Are eScripts secure and safe?

Yes, your prescription information is transmitted through a secured system called the Prescription Exchange Service (PES) and only those authorised and who you give permission to can access it.

Additionally, your eScript token is protected through layers of encryption and cannot be accessed by anyone except your pharmacist, who will scan it into specific pharmacy software that has the same high level of security as the PES and is approved by the Australian Digital Health Agency.

Your eScript token will not display any personal information - it will only display the very basic prescription information including the date, medicine, your initials, and the number of repeats (if any).

What are the benefits of using eScripts over paper prescriptions?

eScripts are more convenient and easy to manage than paper prescriptions. They are stored on your smartphone so you can access them anytime, anywhere and you don't have to worry about losing them.

As a paperless service, eScripts are also a much more environmentally friendly option.

Can I order a prescription medicine on behalf of someone else?

You can order a prescription on behalf of someone else by setting up a patient profile for them within your account. You'll then be able to select this patient profile at the checkout when ordering their prescription medicine.

Can I order more than one supply of a medicine at a time?

No, you can only order one supply of a particular medicine at a time. This applies to all medicines including Pharmacy medicine, Pharmacist Only medicine and Prescription medicine.

Can Chemist Warehouse keep my prescription repeats on file to save me some time next time I place an order online?

Simply select "Yes" when prompted if you would like to leave your repeats with us at checkout to save you time when you next re-order online.

Who can order prescription medicine online?

Anyone can order their prescription medicines online at Chemist Warehouse using an eScript or paper prescription.

Can I get my prescription medicine delivered?

Yes, orders via eScript or paper prescription can be delivered to your home.

Can I phone and talk directly to a pharmacist?

Yes, we are here to support you. Our pharmacists are available on 1300 367 283 at the following times:

Monday to Friday: 8.30am to 5:30pm AEST
Saturday: 9:00am to 1pm AEST

Can I return prescription medicine or any preparation for oral use for a refund?

Unfortunately, once these products have left our distribution centre, the storage conditions of the product cannot be guaranteed and therefore cannot be returned for a refund.

Can I order a prescription medicine if I don’t live in Australia?

At this stage, we are unable to ship prescription medicine to locations outside Australia.

If I am a doctor, dentist, veterinarian or nurse prescriber, can I prescribe prescription medicine for myself?

As most state and territory regulations either prohibit or consider self-prescribing as not best practice, we do not accept self-prescribed prescriptions.

Can I order Schedule 8 medicines?

Schedule 8 medicines cannot be ordered online. To have a Schedule 8 medicine dispensed, please visit your nearest Chemist Warehouse pharmacy with your prescription.