Chemist Warehouse Now Accepts Electronic Prescriptions!

Send us your Electronic Prescriptions and start shopping today.

For delivery by mail from our online pharmacy

Simply search for your medication below and complete the checkout process. Once your order is complete, then follow the steps below to send us your Electronic Prescription.

If you have an Electronic Prescription email it to

[email protected]

An Electronic Prescription could be received via one of the following

  • SMS

  • Email

  • QR code

If you have received an ePrescription via SMS, forward it to 0448SCRIPT (0448 727 478) and follow the prompts to select delivery by CW Online.

For pick up in-store

If you have received an ePrescription via SMS, forward it to 0448SCRIPT (0448 727 478). Follow the prompts to select your store, and then simply visit your store once your order is ready and pay for your order.

Electronic Prescriptions

Have a traditional paper script?

If you would like to use our online service for delivery by mail from our online pharmacy, please post your original script to:

Chemist Warehouse, Reply Paid 612, Virginia QLD 4014

Unfortunately we cannot accept photos of your script.

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Pharmacist at the Chemist Warehouse

Buying prescription medication online has never been easier!

Follow These 3 Simple Steps:

Step 1:
Search for your prescription in the search box below
Step 2:
Add items to your cart and complete the checkout
Step 3:
Send your original scripts via post or send your electronic prescription to us for FREE!


  • Safe and secure delivery by Australia Post
  • Free shipping on all PBS subsidised Prescriptions
  • Details: for all Prescriptions ordering details click here.

Post your scripts for FREE!

NO STAMPS required!

Prescription preview

Simply post your script to the Reply Paid address below:

Chemist Warehouse | Reply Paid 612 Virginia 4014 Note: Please use a plain envelope - no stamp required.

Ordering Repeats is Easy!

  • We keep your repeats on file then send you an email reminder
  • You simply add the item to your cart and checkout as usual
  • No need to post us anything!
  • Safe and secure delivery by Australia Post
  • Free delivery for all PBS subsidised Prescriptions