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GO for a new look GO Healthy

Clean New Lines

GO Healthy labels are undergoing a change. We are moving our labels to a new streamlined, easy to read design.

Colour Bands

All GO Healthy labels have a distinct colour band to help you find products on the shelf. The colour bands represent our category groups:

The colour bands include a quick reference guide for the products, to help you select the best product for you.

Coming in store soon, the new look for GO Healthy will start to be available in-store from September 2020.

About GO Healthy

GO Healthy is a vitamin and supplements company that selectively sources the best ingredients from New Zealand and around the world to produce effective, single daily-dose vitamins that pack a punch. Launched in 2008, the New Zealand brand is the number one supplements brand in its home country, with its focus on product purity, potency and innovation. On the cutting edge of research and constantly looking to challenge the status quo, GO Healthy is one of the only major supplements brands to manufacture all of its own products from start to finish. GO Healthy launched in Australia in early 2018, rolling out into leading pharmacies nationwide.