Clear Blue Digital Ovulation Test 7 Use
Clear Blue Digital Ovulation Test 7 Use
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General Information
Maximises the chances of getting pregnant

Over 99% acccurate in identifying the key hormonal change prior to ovulation.

More accurate than temperature and calendar method

The test women read most accurately

Unmistakably clear digital confirmation

Easy, non invasive urine test

An independent study recently found:

Home ovulation tests are the most accurate home method in identifying fertile days;
Clearblue is the best performing ovulation test - at least 99% accurate in detecting the LH surge in urine.

There are only a couple of days in each cycle a woman can get pregnant and these can change from woman to woman and cycle to cycle. The Clearblue Ovulation test detects a hormonal surge (LH) in your urine, which occurs prior to ovulation. Make love at any time in the next 48 hours to maximise your chance of becoming pregnant.

Detection of LH surge is proven to be a more accurate predictor of ovulation than temperature, which only changes after ovulation. Clearblue is the most effective ovulation test**. With its advanced Digital display Clearblue Digital Ovulation test is the one women read most accurately, so you don't miss your fertile days.

At home testing optimizing management for the infertility physician, BREZINA et al, 2011
**More women obtain the same result as a laboratory professional when reading Clearblue Digital Ovulation Test than when reading other ovulation tests.

Testing for Pregnancy? Get double confirmation with Clearblue Digital Pregnancy Test - the only test that also tells you how far along you are.
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