Sudocrem Healing Cream 125g
Sudocrem Healing Cream 125g
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Sudocrem Healing Cream 125g

Sudocrem? Healing Cream is a soothing emollient cream that is a suitable treatment for a wide range of skin problems as it assists in soothing and healing the irritated skin while protecting it from further information.
The healing properties of Sudocrem? make it an effective treatment for minor skin disorders such as eczema, wounds, scratches, dermatitis, cuts, chafing, bites and abrasions.
Sudocrem? helps to provide barrier protection to the skin from stools and urine, promotes healing and soothes irritated skin from incontinence dermatitis.
Sudocrem? helps to provide barrier protection against moisture which aids and assists in the management of pressure sores.
Sudocrem? helps to soothe the burning and itching sensation of nappy rash, heal the skin and provides a protective barrier to assist in the management of nappy rash
Product ID: 46349
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